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so, this is my very first blog 

To the surprise of some, I started this blog just about one year ago. I never shared it.  I am giving you 100% of the things I love, this blog is about… me! I was beyond nervous to share it, that I eventually stopped working on it. Recently, I had a friend who created a blog, and  I asked myself, “Why am I not blogging? I’ve already started!” Somewhere with-inside myself, I found the courage to share my blog. A simple, yet stated blog about my life and the things I love.

when I type, I talk

I think that if you know me in person, you could hear my voice reading each post to you. I am a very personable person, and that’s the only way I know to be. I like to talk and share stories with others. I love to listen and ask questions. I love giving an opinion, hearing an opinion and challenging the opposers. I love asking questions that gets people thinking, yet, I love to be challenged that way as well. Ask me questions, share your opinions. Nothing is off-limits with me.

pieces of me

I decided to start this blog to give my projects, ideas, and recipes a little more meaning and purpose. My hope is that, gathering ideas about the things I love and sharing them with you, will help me write; and hopefully, I can help you!

All of the things I choose to write about on my blog are about things I love and what makes up my life.



I live in Albany, the capital of NY. I’ve lived here for over four years. But, I grew up in a town, right on the border of the beautiful Lake George. So, naturally, I’m an ADK girl. I love the outdoors, and just that free, simple feeling of home. Lake George is very good at giving you those feelings. I grew up playing outside, four-wheeling, playing in the snow, camping, traveling & so much more. Growing up, I had wonderful friends and family, but was always reserved and did not have really have a great amount of self-confidence. Over the last 5+ years, I’ve grown mentally and now characteristically fit the person I always wanted to be. I say hi to strangers, give random compliments throughout the day, and I’m not afraid to introduce myself.



Fast forward

I absolutely love my little family. My family consists of myself, 25, my husband Terrance, 30, our first puppy Daisy, 4, Ram who is about 3 months old, and my bunny girl, Martini who is about 7. Terrance and I met in 2011 at Austin’s School of Spa Technology. He was a barber instructor & I was an aspiring cosmetologist. We remained friends after I graduate, but we started dating seriously in 2014. My husband and I were married September 2, 2017, in Latham, New York.

View More: http://kevindemassio.pass.us/tt


My pets are my babies. I absolutely could not imagine our lives without them, as much trouble as they cause on a daily basis – they are truly irreplaceable and the absolute best.


In March of 2018, we found out that our 4-month-old Staffordshire puppy, Ram, had congenital heart disease. The disease has never taken a toll on his spunky & true puppy-like personality. But, it’s been something we are learning to live with everyday and are adjusting to!

she’s creative

I have taken numerous art courses and enjoy painting, however, I’m more of a three-dimensional artist and I love to create things that we can actually use in our home. Crafty is my middle name!

I enjoy cooking and creating my own recipes, while still enjoying my staple entrees.

Interior design and decor is also another passion of mine. My husband and I are trying to purchase our first home this year, 2018. Although our dream home has not crossed our path yet, I’m prepared for it in a very different way. I’m going to share more on how I’m preparing for our new chapter in a separate blog post of its own.

I am a full-time hairstylist, for men & women. I have been in the beauty industry for about 6 years total. I recently left my last salon that I managed for 4 years and I am now in a new location, that I am loving!

I am also a Paralegal student at my local community college. I will be graduating in May of this year and I currently have an internship within NYS Unified Court System.

This is me, and a small glimpse of what my life is, and the things that allow me to enjoy each day.

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