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Pizza Style Avacado Toast with Balsamic Chicken & Roasted Asparagus

Who doesn’t love Cheesecake Factory? Have you ever ordered their amazing avocado toast? I have and I absolutely love it. With warmer days finally, here, I wanted to make a spring/summer recipe.


Of course, I had to put my own spin on the recipe! I don’t have to ask, everyone loves pizza! So instead of ciabatta buns or ordinary toast. I grabbed a pre-made pizza crust from Trader Joe’s. Perfecto! This recipe is perfect for a busy weeknight, there’s not much prep time, and you can get other tasks around the house finished while it is baking/cooking!


  1. pre-made pizza crust (mine was labeled “Rustic Ciabatta Flatbread”)
  2. sweet onion (half)
  3. cherry tomatoes (about a handful)
  4. avocado (2)
  5. chicken (I used tenders because they’re easiest to cut)
  6. balsamic (I used “Glaze” from Trader Joe’s)
  7. cooking oil (I use avocado oil)
  8. plain greek yogurt (one spoonful)
  9. garlic powder
  10. pepper
  11. paprika 
  12. red pepper flakes (optional)

time to chop

Dice up chicken, onion (I like long strips), and cherry tomatoes in quarters. Having a sharp knife is super important, especially when slicing something fragile such as a tomato.


turn the oven onto 350°

Bake the pizza crust alone. I’m sure all pizza crusts are different, but this one suggested 350° for 12 minutes. I brushed the top of the crust with avocado oil prior to baking. I baked the crust on a large greased baking sheet.

Warm up your cooking oil in a pan. Sautee the onions first. Once the onions are soft, throw in your diced chicken, and pour in a small amount of your balsamic glaze. Just enough to cover the chicken and onion. Sprinkle in some garlic powder & pepper to your liking. Keep the eye on medium heat.

While the chicken is cooking, it’s time to start our green-goodness. Slice and peel the avocados. Place the avocado halves in a small bowl to mix. Add the quartered cherry tomatoes.

I wanted to create a taste other than typical guacamole, so I didn’t add salt or garlic pepper to the avocado. Instead, I added some paprika, pepper and a small spoonful of plain greek yogurt, to make the mixture a little creamy. Smush and smash until it’s creamy goodness.

Once the chicken and onions are complete, turn off the stove top and pour them on top of the crust. Next, the yummies on top of the chicken and onion! I found it was easiest to spread with a flat spatula. I actually used a wooden salad server and spread. I chose to put the avocado mix on top so the chicken wouldn’t fall off, but you can try it either way!

time to dress!

drizzle the balsamic glaze on top of the pizza, cut into four, and you are ready to eat & enjoy!

Makes 4 servings.

I’m thinking of trying this recipe again, with seared steak! This recipe also could be made into a vegetarian style with grilled tofu!



BONUS: my baked asparagus for our side! I also made a side dish, that was super quick! I love asparagus, you can cook it so many ways. Trim the ends, place them in a ceramic dish, drizzle with oil, then I tossed the asparagus in garlic paste. I love garlic paste because it has a creamy consistency, perfect for veggies. I added the rest of the chopped cherry tomatoes, and sprinkled with panko breadcrumbs, just to add a crunch! Bake for about 35 mins.

How do you like to eat avocado? Let me know!
Till next time, T ♥


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