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Savory Garlic & Herb Glazed Roast

I’m not sure if this cold weather is ever going to make its way out of here! Nowadays, Sunday seems to be my only one, true day off. So, I love to do what I do best and chef up a classic & cozy dinner for the hubs and I. This Sunday, I cooked us a Savory Garlic & Herb Glazed Roast, accompanied with quartered and seasoned red potatoes, and asparagus with cherry tomatoes.

The first time I created my beef glaze, I was nervous about some of the intended ingredients I was researching. Mustard on roast? Butter? I just had to play around with these ingredients my first couple times preparing this meal, and now I have created the most-perfect glaze!


Let’s get started with all of our ingredients

  1. one beef roast (about 1.5 lbs)
  2. one stick of butter (salted or unsalted)
  3. Stonewall Kitchen Maine Maple Champagne Mustard (one spoonful)
  4. fresh garlic (I used the diced garlic in a jar)
  5. salt and pepper to taste
  6. minced onion
  7. maple syrup (a shot)
  8. extra virgin olive oil
  9. beef broth (about half cup)
  10. fresh rosemary
  11. one bushel of asparagus
  12. cherry tomatoes (about half container)
  13. 1 bag of red potatoes
  14. PAM spray


If  I have the time, I let my glaze sit on the roast for a few hours. So, I always start with my glaze.

set oven to 425° (my roast is going to be prepared medium-rare)

In a small mixing bowl, I put in 1 to 1.5 sticks of butter, dependable on size(this time one) I soften the butter in the microwave, for about 20 seconds or until it is soft but still in its original form. Then, I scoop in one big spoonful of minced garlic. Scoop in one spoonful of Stonewall Kitchen Maine Maple Champagne Mustard (link above) or any other flavored mustard you could find. I would not advice using regular sandwich mustard. Salt & pepper. Sprinkle in some minced onion powder & a quick little shot of maple syrup (trust me) & extra virgin olive oil.


I blend all ingredients together with a spoon. And get my baking pan ready. I use a ceramic or glass baking pan. I pour in enough beef broth to just line the bottom.



The glaze can appear a little chunky, that’s okay as long as the butter is spreadable!


Now, time to prime the roast. I try to apply the glaze with a spoon, as much as I can. It is hard sometimes to get it to stick, so I end up pressing it on with my hands. I garnish the top of the roast with fresh rosemary. I do not break the rosemary up because it is much easier to lift off each little stem than to pick up each little piece when cooking time is done.

*As noted, when time allows, I let the glaze sit on the roast to ensure maximum absorption of flavor. (No more than a few hours)



Don’t forget to base your pan with broth!


Once I am ready to start my side dishes, I pop the roast in. I leave the oven on 425 for 20 minutes. I set my timer, and once the 20 minutes has passed, I change the oven temperature to 350°. I open the oven door for about 15 seconds to allow some heat out, making sure the oven’s temperature decreases.

While the is cooking, I prep and begin to bake my side dishes.


Have you ever used a microwavable potato bag? I’ve been using the same one for years! I don’t necessarily completely cook my potatoes but I soften them and cut down cooking time. Potatoes are a super starchy vegetable and need to often cook for a long time.

I start my rinsing my potatoes, and scrubbing them some-what abrasively with a potato scrubber to remove any dirt or dried pieces. I pop the clean potatoes right in the bag without drying them (I  feel the moisture helps to loosen the potatoes up even more) and put a full bag in for about 5 minutes. Be cautious when removing the potatoes, they will be very hot. I let them cool for a moment, and quarter them up. I also put my potatoes in a ceramic baking pan. I line the dish with PAM spray, and evenly place my potato pieces in the pan. I drizzle olive oil on top, sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste. I next add a big scoop of minced garlic. I take a large mixing spoon or baking spatula and mix everything around. Make sure the potatoes are evenly saturated with the mixture.

Have extra rosemary?

Sprinkle some rosemary right on top of the potatoes. This time, I do break up the rosemary. (Optional: Chop the rosemary into smaller pieces.)

Pop ’em on in!


asparagus & cherry tomatoes 

I love asparagus, it’s one of my favorite vegetables & creates a very flavorful side dish. Often, people don’t realize that you can cook asparagus in a different way besides just seasoned and baked or steamed.

Leave the asparagus wrapped in the rubber band. Quick rinse, and cut off all ends with one big chop. Having sharp, quality knives is essential to creating successful and tasty meals in the kitchen. Below, I will include a link to my favorite knife set, along with other kitchen tools.

Again, line a baking pan with PAM spray, lay in the asparagus, all facing the same direction. Drizzle with your choice of olive oil, and sprinkle with garlic powder or fresh minced garlic, salt & pepper. Flip the asparagus around with a utensil of your choice to ensure even saturation. (Just like the potatoes)

It’s time to add the cherry tomatoes. After a quick rinse, I slice each little tomato in half. (Optional: leave tomatoes whole if you’re craving a more even flavor of both veggies) At this time, I can add a little more salt & pepper if need be. (Optional: add sliced almonds on top. I usually do this but on this day I think we had something with nuts already so I skipped. I love adding the almonds, they add a mild yet unexpected crunch!)

Pop ’em on in!

Basically, I leave both side dishes in for the remainder of baking time on the roast. As mentioned, I don’t follow recipes to a T, and I remove them from the oven when I desire. We like our asparagus a little crispy, as well as the potatoes. Press a fork into a potato and see if it feels soft in the middle, if so, then they’re ready! Make sure the middle is soft, then continue baking for a crispier dish.



“we are ready to be baked!”


turn off the oven 

I leave the side dishes in the oven to stay warm. I take out the roast and set it on a pot-holder on the counter. Setting it on the stove top could cause the roast to cook further than desired. Again, this recipe is for a medium-rare roast.

slice and serve

First, remove stems of rosemary. I like to hold the roast with tongs in one hand and cut with a knife with the other hand. I typically cut about 3/4″ pieces. Don’t forget to scoop up and juice from the pan and dress the top of the roast slice.




A finished med-rare roast.



This is one of my favorite go-to Sunday recipes, especially in the fall or winter. The savory and warm flavors are perfect for a crisp & cozy day.



dinner is served!


BONUS TIP: Another reason for why this is my favorite, is because of the many meals afterward this dinner provides. The next day, I reheated and enjoyed the same meal for lunch, and the second day I made steak tacos!

my must have kitchen tools

potatoe bag

Microwave Potato Bag Cooker – $7.99





What do you like to cook on Sundays?

Trying this recipe? Let me know!

& remember, it’s Sunday take it easy!

Till next time, T♥






4 Responses to “Savory Garlic & Herb Glazed Roast”

  1. monicalorelle

    This is really mouthwatering!! I definitely need to start cooking again, i’m getting so lazy at the kitchen. My husband keeps eating the same thing , haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Taylor Flowers

      Yes girl! Give it a try! The best thing is there’s a lot of oven time so you can do something else in between…. or lounge lol!



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