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Idea Coffee/Flower District- NYC

type: coffee shop
address: 246 fifth avenue, new york city, ny 10001
ring-a-ding: 646-896-1533
price: $3+ pp
attire: casual

As part of my short weekend spent in the city for a hair show at the Jacob Javits Center, I had a chunk of free time. My friend and I searched for a place to grab something to eat before hitting the crazy IBS show. Our hotel was located on W 28th & 7th, in the HEART of the flower district. Ah! Was this SO nice? Yes!

It was a break from the upstate winter reality.

The streets were lined with florals, many of my favorite flowers and plants including hydrangeas, ranunculus, succulents, tall bamboo stocks, cuts of birch trees and mini palm trees.

It was an oasis in the city.


We walked searching for a quick snack, but only saw chain restaurants we weren’t in the mood for. We stroll down a couple of blocks (still admiring the flowers) and see the word ‘COFFEE.’ Perfect! We run into this cozy yet, spacious place called Ideal Coffee.

When I say this place was cute, it was – but it was just adorable. I love it. Bohemian/Garden/Rustic – themed coffee shop. How’s that for a description?

I enjoyed a nice plain NY style bagel and a hot mocha almond milk latte. This latte was a dream.


Art hangs on the wall, vintage photos of New York City and flowers, of course! This place sets the stage for many Instagram-worthy photos. If I didn’t need to catch my 10:20 train, I could have stayed and created this blog right on site. Idea Coffee is conveniently open 7 AM – 8:30 PM every single day.




Please do yourself a favor, check out this place on Instagram! Click me! 

We strolled down the street and finally wandered into a flower & plant shop. The owner, Bob, was so cute. He was very helpful and gave us all sorts of in-person & take-home information about the plants we purchased! I couldn’t resist taking home a Jade succulent, a bamboo corn stalk, and lucky bamboo. I also purchased classic terracotta pots for some of my existing plants and white stones to add some adornment to them!




Plants are a new thing for me. I now own 5! This is huge. I haven’t had good luck with them in the past, so I slowly am adopting one by one, once I get comfortable with the first. I received my first (successful) plant from my friend Stacey about 3 years ago. It’s a spider plant, and it hasn’t stopped growing.

My spider plant now has to hang because it is so long!

Have you tried Idea Coffee?

Any NYC coffee shop recommendations for me?

Let me know in a comment below!

Till next time, T♥

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