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steak and shrimp stir-fry


I love cooking in my dutch oven. My mom gifted me this most-wonderful thing a few years ago. At first, I was hesitant to use it because I wasn’t sure what you cooked in it. My mom told me, “anything!” And damn, was she right! I LOVE this, not only does it cook food fast and evenly, your food doesn’t dry out, and… fewer dishes! Anything I can do to make my life just a little more simple – I’m in.

Tonight, I decided to make steak and shrimp stir-fry, in my infamous dutch oven ,of course. (Insert emoji of girl with sassy hand)

This recipe was perfect for a random weeknight, such as Tuesday.

I ran to my local Hannaford to grab a couple necessities before this big storm blew through. I had some ingredients waiting at home, so I just needed to grab a few items.

I’m a store brand geek.

Did you know, a lot of food is made in the same factory – identical process & ingredients – then the food is packaged differently. That’s it!? Yup! Hard to believe, huh? Purchasing store brand food can save you big bucks in the long run. AND, store brand shopping just got even better at Hannaford! Now, Hannaford has myHannaford Rewards™. Each and every shopping trip you make, for every Hannaford Brand item you purchase, including; Hannaford Brand, Taste of Inspirations, Nature’s Place, Home360, Cha-Ching, Etos, Companion, CareOne and Healthy Accents; you get 2% back in rewards. Quarterly, you can redeem these rewards towards your shopping trip! You can also clip coupons right on the app.

Let’s get cookin.


Here’s what I used.

  1. ‘Marinating & Braising Steak’ (thinly sliced) 1.12lbs
  2. half of 1 bag of Hannaford Large Raw/Uncooked Shrimp 8oz
  3. sliced pepper, any color (I chose red and yellow for variety) 2 whole peppers
  4. diced yellow onion ( about half of the onion)
  5. frozen chopped broccoli about 3/4 cup
  6. 1 can of whole baby corn (16oz)
  7. 1 small can of diced or whole water chestnuts (8oz)
  8. 1 small can of edamame soybeans (8oz)
  9. 1 packet of Goya Powdered Beef Bouillon (I used reduced sodium)
  10. simple beef broth (about 3 cups)
  11. rice vinegar (little splash)
  12. soy sauce (little splash)
  13. ground black pepper (to taste)
  14. salt (I use Himalayan) (to taste)
  15. sesame seeds (optional)

little bit of this, little bit of that 


I think this is the best part about stir-frys. They are one of those recipes that don’t have to be followed exactly step by step. You can combine your favorite proteins and veggies to personalize your stir-fry.

Here are some other ingredients you can use to personalize your stir-fry!

VEG– carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms (my favorite) pea-pods, cherry tomatoes
PROTEIN– chicken, salmon, lobster, tofu, cashews
CARBS– brown/white rice, tofu noodles, veggie noodles (butternut squash, zucchini, sweet potato, turnip)

Ok, let’s get started 

I’m going to keep this pretty simple, as most one-pot recipes are, just toss it in!



  1. Start with beef-broth to line the oven with. Creating this dish is just as easy as the pictures make it look. 
  2. Start sauteeing the onions and peppers.
  3. I like to take advantage of the space my dutch-oven gives me – so I move those over and make room just to slightly sear the steak.
  4. Get me the GOYA! I sprinkle the packet of Goya Powdered Beef Boullin & stir. Give a couple mins of cookin’ time.
  5. Slide the contents right on over again, this time we are making room for the edamame & my favorite, baby corn!
  6. Between now and the next step I poured in about 2 cups of beef broth. (As mentioned in my blog, Albany Foodie, I don’t measure, honaaay. I don’t have time.)
  7. I love these Blue Dragon Egg Noodles. Right on the back of the package, you can see the suggested serving size. 1 nest of noods = 1 adult size portion. I cooked 4. I usually cook enough for us both, seconds for my husband, and leftovers. I placed these right in the dutch oven and covered them with the cooking ingredients to heat them up faster. I did pour in more beef broth & a splish splash of both rice vinegar and soy sauce. Another great thing about this recipe is, you can choose how juicy you want it to be.
  8. I saved the water chestnuts and chopped frozen broccoli for last. I love the texture of water chestnuts, and their little crunch so I did not want to overcook these – same for the broccoli.
  9. I gave the noodles just a few more minutes to loosen, and in minutes I was scooping this out of the pan.
  10. Sprinkle with sesame seeds (optional)


Serious YUM! What do you like in your stir frys? Comment below!

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