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Thank you, Dazey LA!

 Click the Dazey logo below to shop!

Thank you, Dazey LA for selecting me as an ambassador!

fashion with a f******* statement! 

a graphic tee can always be dressed up or dressed down

perfect look for my friday date night paired with a leather bomber and my go-to thigh-highs

Guys! Let me tell you about Dazey LA.

There’s so much exciting info, so let’s start with 10 interesting facts!

  1. Dazey’s core purpose- FEMALE EMPOWERMENT!!
  2. Dazey was created by photographer, designer & feminist- Danielle Nagel
  3. Dazey LA was created in 2016
  4. The designs are completely HAND DRAWN
  5. Also, HANDMADE in Los Angeles, California
  6. Environmentally friendly brand (super cool!)
  7. Dani has designed clothes for other popular brands prior to creating Dazey including-
    1. Anthropologie
    2. Nordstrom
    3. Neiman Marcus
    4. Forever 21
    5. Truly Madly Deeply
    6. Mate the Label
    7. Amuse Society
    8. Gypsy Warrior
    9. Show Me Your Mumu
    10. The Laundry Room
    11. Top Knot Goods
    12. Electric West
    13. Midnight Rider
    14. Not Another Label
    15. Current/Elliot
    16. Macy’s
    17. Pac Sun
    18. Urban Outfitters
    19. Hot Topic & more!
  8. Your items are hand created individually when ordered
  9. Dazey LADYSHOP is clothing and accessories created by other female entrepreneurs that Dazey has partnered with
  10. Sizes S – 2x available – there are also some items for men!


I don’t think there was a better shirt for me to wear & this is a very important message! Ladies use your voice! We won’t be silenced!


I mean, really… how cool is this? Your items are PERSONALLY CREATED for you once ordered.

Your items are absolutely NOT

  1. coming from a foreign country
  2. supporting a company practicing unethical work practices such as child labor, poor wages, and unsafe working conditions
  3. made of poor quality, fast-processed material

Hey! This takes time!

I’m PROUD to rep my Dazey LA attire!

FullSizeRender (3)

A company based on the foundation of pure female entrepreneurship, support for women-run businesses, and a minimal-waste brand! 

Click the Dazey logo at the top of this blog to start shopping


Don’t forget to use MY PROMO CODE for 10% off! ♥


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