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the Redeye Grill – NYC

type: semi-formal, brasserie
address: 890 seventh ave, new york, ny 10106
ring-a-ding: (212) 541-9000
price: $31+ pp
attire: classy-casual, I wore – dark denim, a floral blouse, black suede thigh-highs, black clutch

I traveled to good ol’ New York City for the weekend with one of my friends and fellow stylist to attend an annual hair show. One of the plus sides of living in Albany is that you can travel to the city really whenever, as it’s only about 2 to 2.5 hours away, dependable on your method of transportation. Personally, I enjoy taking the train. In the past, I used to drive in; but now it’s nice not having to worry about parking fees and especially driving in this crazy metropolis.

For dinner, we stopped at a place I’ll admit I have been to before.

The Redeye Grill.

I love the Redeye Grill. It is a unique place, with amazing food, and an even more amazing wine & bar selection.

The restaurant has a unique tone and vibe. It’s a perfect setting for a romantic date night, a place to dine with friends or host a small event in their party room upstairs. The Redeye Grill, a true New York Brasserie located across the street from Carnegie Hall, between Hell’s Kitchen and Midtown, Manhattan, is really the place to be. Did I mention live music… every night!


After being poured a sample, we started with a bottle of Mittnach Riesling and bread. The live musician was singing some of our favorite songs. The lighting in the restaurant is somewhat dim- and it’s hard to stop staring at the unique art on the wall. This experience became even more perfect when our dinners came. We did not wait long at all. After a long day of carting around our new tools we purchased for work at the IBS show- we were so hungry! I ordered the Lobster Truffle Mac & Cheese. My friend got the steak tacos! They looked & smelled simply amazing. My mac and cheese was simply to die for. Cheese lovers- this dish was made for me and you!

The service is impeccable, and they do not forget anything. We had the leftovers packaged as we planned to bring back to the hotel to snack on while watching the Oscars in our comfy hotel beds.

The Redeye Grill is located just about three blocks from Central Park. I’d love to try the Redeye Grill for brunch during my next city adventure – and when the weather is warmer, take a stroll through the park. I’m tell you, this restaurant is in a great location!

I booked our reservation that same day, on Open Table. I love Open Table. If you’re not familiar with it, click my link to check out this website. It makes going out so much easier. You will truly be surprised at how many places on there you can truly find – and how many restaurants are already on there! Simply create an account, find your restaurant, read reviews, search their available times & click to book! I’ve never had an issue using open table. I have the app conveniently right on my iPhone. I personally feel that when searching for a place to drink & dine, this knocks Yelp and Google right out of the way!

Ready to book your reservation at The Redye Grill today? – Open Table.

Too comfy in that hotel bed? That’s okay, let’s Grub Hub.

Have you tried The Redeye Grill, or do you have any NYC restaurant recommendations for me? Let me know, Comment ↓↓↓

Till next time, T ♥

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