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WFM good™ Bar Soap

You know my love for WFM. It’s hard to not find a new goodie on a trip to this amazing store. A couple weeks ago, my husband Terrance and I were out of our body-wash. We actually have always shared the same soap as well as shampoo and conditioner. I know this is rare for a  lot of couples! But, it does kind of make it easier when shopping.

I ran into my local WFM to grab some things to make for our dinner later that day and on my way out of the store, I saw a stand of “good” bar soaps. I will admit I’m normally not super keen on bar soaps. But, I quickly learned that it was because I didn’t find the write one! As much as I love Whole Foods as the next person, it’s expensive af! So, I was super shocked and more than willing to try these amazing handmade soaps when I saw they were 3 for $6! There was a handful of natural scents to choose from.

I went back this afternoon after class to find an awesome surprise! There was a sale, 10 for $10! Yes! I stocked up and grabbed some new scents!


So far I have tried:

  • Coconut
  • Lavender (perfect for a relaxing bath! Ahh)
  • Cucumber (my favorite so far!)
  • Black Soap
  • Almond
  • Wild Strawberry
  • Black Raspberry

* There is a peppermint scent. Personally I have dry skin, so I chose not to try this kind, I also wonder how it will effect feminine health. But to each their own, some things work better for others.

These bar soaps lather so quickly and feel so fresh! I know I’m using something great on my skin!

I also grabbed this eco-friendly “Soap Lift.” With this, your bar soap doesn’t stick to the shower and keeps it shape. I believe this was only $4.99! This little thing actually works. I used to pass on purchasing bar soap because of the residue it leaves in the shower, and the soap that came off was a waste. This little guy has my bar soaps lasting about 3 weeks and often there are times when I shower 2x per day.


My closest WFM is located at the Colonie Center Mall, in Colonie, NY.

View all of good™ soap scents and ingredients here.

Have you tried good™ bar soaps? Comment below!

Till next time, T♥

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