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I am new to this entire world of blogging. I’d say years ago I never really understood why people took the time to blog. Now, I actually view at least one random blog per day, weather it’s a Pinterest recipe, or blog about organization, a DIY home improvement/ crafting blog, and many more.

I love blogs because they are written by real people. Yes, I know that a computer does not magically generate an article on the best place to receive a Brazilian wax within metropolitan NYC for Cosmopolitan Magazine, or the latest diet fads and recipes in Women’s Health. Blogs are real people like you and me, that don’t have a team of editors and contributors. Ordinary working people writing, or I should say blogging, about everyday activities and interests. This isn’t for work, it’s a hobby!

I think Pinterest is a great outlet to discover new blogs. What can’t you find on Pinterest? I’ve learned that there truly is an article about any and everything. I found Pinterest very handy when it came time to wedding plan. Not only did I find a lot of inspirational pictures, but I found a lot of blogs and websites written by real brides.

As I’ve mentioned, I love to cook. Sometimes it is hard to whip up a new recipe on a Wednesday night, and let’s face it… we all get sick of the same things at times. I go to my local Hannaford or WFM, and pull up Pinterest. When I find something I like, I just make my own version of it. I’m not one to follow directions 100% (well, recipes) and have to put my little spin on it. Should I mention, I almost never measure?




I think the most exciting part of my blog is yet to come. My husband and I have slowly started the home-buying process. Although I think sharing the up’s and down’s of the home-buying process will make its way to my blog, I cannot wait to renovate a house, and make it OUR HOME (insert a million heart emojis) Owning my own home has been a dream of mine for a long time. Being a crafy, handy and frugal gal I honestly cannot wait to see what I come up with as far as design and decor!


Lastly, I’m excited to share with you the things I love, and new things I am trying! My blog, being one of them!

Till next time, T♥

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